When he started practicing watchmaking, Božo Marinović could not imagine how the family business would evolve.

Marli watches and jewelry is the first exclusive watch store in Croatia. It was opened in 1969 on a well-known watchmaking address in Zagreb in the center of the city – Vlaška 13. Back then it ran by the name Watchmaking Trade Marinović. The renowned watchmaker Željko Marinović took over the family business from his father Božo who started the famous Marli watchmaking tradition back in 1953. Nearly 40 years later the company’s name is changed to Marli. And while the company continued its watch-making activities, it started to retail some of the most famous Swiss watch brands. It also started to produce watches under its new name.

A year later, in 1992, Marli started building its distribution network, which quickly reached over 20 POS in Croatia. Its first exclusive retail salon was opened in 2002 in Praška street, while in 2008, after decades of experience, a contemporary service center was opened in Gruška street in Zagreb and was thus separated from the retail salon. Soon after that our service center became a leader in the region and as such has set the highest standards in providing after sales service. After celebrating 40 years of operation on the most famous watch making address in Zagreb in 2009, the company completely renovated its shop in Vlaška 13 end of 2012.

The shop was enlarged and modernized in order to provide our customers with the best service by the highest standards. After the renovation, our complete assortment was now offered at one central place. Along with reconstructing our flagship store, the company changed its visual identity, and in 2015, Marli presented its new website.

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