Before your watch arrives at the table of a watchmaker, it is received at our flagship store in Vlaška 13 where the malfunction and the symptoms noticed by the owner are recorded. With this description, the watch arrives at the service centre where the watchmakers open it utilising specialised tools sometimes suited to just one of the watch brands.
It is then subjected to various tests, tools and machines meant for that particular purpose (water resistance, amplitude…) in order to determine the true condition of the watch. This entire process is carried out by hand; it is precise and impossible to rush.
Sometimes however not even the sophisticated equipment can fully replace the years of watchmaking experience. Some mechanisms are quite specific and our watchmaking team has, through the years, become fully aware of that (e.g. sensitive dial, complex winding mechanism…). This is precisely why each timepiece is approached keeping its unique characteristics in mind. The quoted price is then communicated to the customer awaiting a green light from him to begin the work.
Upon receiving authorisation, the repair work commences at our service centre. The diagnosis set at the beginning of the process is compared and checked again at the end of the process.

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