Watchmakers have not died out, but it seems they have become an endangered species. In the increasingly digitalised world, a chance to demonstrate will, commitment and hard work requiring great skill are rare. Watchmakers at Marli in their white coats and laboratory conditions are happy that they have the opportunity to show this to their clients.
The elevated watchmaker’s table with many drawers could be a stylish addition to homes, but here it is purely about practicality. Set inside a perfectly lit room with big windows as a source of natural light, these tables are micro worlds, uniquely adjusted to their user and his specific way of work (e.g. differently set height and order of tools), all this to provide a perfect environment for what’s to follow – disassembly of timepieces (many of them contain over 400 small parts) and preparation for cleaning and repair.
This is not a production line – every watchmaker resolves a problem one case at a time. With this amount of parts, it’s no wonder about the approach. After disassembling, the parts are stored in specially made containers, which then pass through 4 cycles of cleaning in a special machine. This is a very important process, which must be repeated if the first one was unsuccessful, because if the parts are not perfectly clean, then with the reassembly the lubrication cannot be perfect either.
The case and bracelet also receive equal attention. Using a machine for polishing with different brushes, an expert polisher works on every timepiece with the aim to restore to it the initial glow and look as when it was bought. This part of the job also requires great precision because of the different process the case and bracelet go through (e.g. bracelets links are brushed (matte), while screws that hold them together are polished) and the special angles under which they are shaped.
After cleaning and other visual corrections, the watch is again returned to the watchmaker’s table where it is fixed and reassembled. Plastic boxes and rubber thimbles protect the parts from unwanted factors (grease on fingers has a detrimental factor on all fine watch components), while the watchmaker assembles the timepiece and puts together many small parts sitting in front of him, restoring it to its initial look and functionality expected from that timepiece. Just this reassembly process can last for hours.
Through its decades long experience, Marli is continually evaluating its repair time, thus decreasing duration of different repair phases. However, speed alone is not the key at Marli, it’s in fact perfection. Because this is what you want and what we strive for. What we achieve at our service centre is not important on a global scale, but it’s emotionally important for our clients. There are surely more important things happening in the world, but not in our world, this is our little world.

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