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There is always a limit up to which the watch is resistant to water pressure. The term water resistance implies the watch will not allow water to leak in under any conditions – e.g. moisture will not enter the case or the mechanism. However, under certain conditions everything can let the water in. Based on that fact, in watch industry, water resistance is defined as a capacity of the watch to endure the water pressure. The watch with a “water resistant” sign means that the watch is, in principle, moisture resistant. It will not break if, during the washing, some water is spilled over your watch or if you get caught in the rain – and that is, basically it. However, the fact that it your watch is labelled as water resistant does not mean that you can swim or shower with it.

The water is the biggest enemy of watches. If you swim or play sport, you should take your watch every year to check its water resistance level. The outer side of the case may look big and firm but the mechanism is small and sensitive. To be honest, only thing that stands between your watch and water is a small seal. The seal just has to fail and the water will find its way through the watch instantly. If the watch has a label saying that the watch is water resistant up to 100 meters, many presume that it is OK to wear that watch while diving in the pool, but that is not completely correct. A dive into the pool creates sudden change of pressure – although that lasts few seconds – diving can cause powerful shock, especially to the watch which is not intended for diving.

Water resistance is actually the pressure – the moment you enter into the water the pressure is changed, which forces the watch to go above recommended level. Several dives into the pool – and the splash on the water surface – will eventually create the pressure that will have an effect on the watch above the allowed level. This is the moment when the water will penetrate through the seal into the watch mechanism. Large pressure differences should be avoided with most watches – activities like jumping, diving, swimming, etc. Therefore, although it says that you can dive up to 100 meters, in reality that actually refers to the gradual entrance into the pool or the sea.

Diving watches are different than water resistant watches. They are specially designed for the extreme conditions and you can go dive to a depth of 200 meters. You will notice that the diving watches, in comparison to more complicated watches, have a minimal number of apertures through which water could enter in. The diving watch has one screwed crown, firm case, extremely strong seals around the glass and at the back side of the case. Diving watches are designed for use in the water. If you plan to swim, dive, surf or sail regularly, diving watch is the right choice. Consult with our sales representatives and find out more about watches water resistance.

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